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After years of working in the tech industry as a customer service agent I decided to follow my passion, quit my job and follow my dream. I qualified as a yoga teacher 2019 in New Zealand and have been teaching since. Furthermore I finished my first Theta Healing course in July 2021 and practicing since. 

My philosophy about yoga is to feel good in your body and move the way your body does feel good at and comfortable. Listen to your body and be in the present moment. 


My name is Lilly and I am a qualified yoga teacher, meditation teacher and Theta Healer in Dun Laoghaire Ireland. 


About Me

My Journey

I have started to practice yoga six years ago and became a qualified yoga teacher in December 2019 in Piha (New Zealand). I love sharing my passion for yoga and believe that everybody is able to practice yoga and to connect with their own body. Yoga is not about being flexible. Yoga is about feeling your body and your breath, strengthening your muscles and feeling good - mentally as well as physically. Over time you will start to become more and more flexible but rest be assured it is not the main goal of yoga practice.


Avaivale Classes and Healing/Meditation Sessions


Hatha Yoga Online Via Zoom

Mondays 6:30pm - 7.30pm 
Thursdays 6:30pm - 7.30pm 

Enjoy yoga in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some space, a mat/towel, a stable internet connection and zoom. The hour starts with grounding and breath work - followed by Yoga Practice (Asana) and finished with a beautiful meditation. 

For more infos please contact me.


Price List

Our Offers

10 Euro

Outdoor yoga

It is 10 Euro per person for an outdoor class

40 Euro

Private Lesson

Private lessons start with 40 Euro and it is 10 Euro plus every extra person

40 Euro

Office Yoga

It starts with 40 Euro - price will be discussed

50 Euro 

Healing Session

This session lasts an hour and is 50 Euro for an hour. Discounts are available for 10 sessions - 400 Euro.

20 Euro

Personalised Meditation

This is a 20 minute meditation made exactly for your needs. For more info please contact me

50 Euro

8 online classes

It is 50 Euro for a pass for 8 classes. Drop in classes are 8 Euro per person


"Do what makes your soul smile"


"We enjoyed yoga from our home and highly recommend Lilly's classes. We had done Yoga previously but would be beginner level. Lilly is knowledgable, helpful, and thorough, and is a general joy to be around. I cannot say enough great things about Lilly's classes and her methodologies. It is simply fantastic!"

"I join Lilly’s online classes twice a week and they are fabulous! They help keep me in check, both mentally and physically. The well planned yoga sessions vary each week but if you tell her what area you would like to work on, or your favourite poses, she will incorporate them into the class. Lilly will also guide you through different versions of a pose so her classes are suitable for all yogis! She is always happy and eager to help. I always finish the class feeling lighter, happier and more content with life 🙏🏻💕"

"Lilly was recommended to me by my flatmate at the start of lockdown during the Covid-19 period. I had never done Yoga before in my life at that point but I gave it a go and I wasn’t let down. Lilly is super welcoming to everyone and creates a lovely, warm atmosphere. Even for me as a complete beginner, it was so easy to follow her clear instructions remotely through Zoom. During the class, she makes you feel great about yourself and takes away any stress you were feeling before the class. I always leave her classes feeling both really positive and relaxed. I definitely recommend Lilly to anyone who enjoys Yoga as a mean to relax, getting in a really good stretch and feeling positive."